Do I need prior experience in dance to take classes with the Fitzpatrick Academy?

No! The Fitzpatrick Academy accepts students from all dance/non-dance backgrounds. No experience is necessary for you to join our school.


How old does my child have to be to start Irish dance classes? 


The Fitzpatrick Academy accepts student ages 4 & up.


What is the required attire?


Tee shirt and shorts, with hair tied back (for girls).


If my child is just starting out, what kind of shoes are acceptable?


If your dancer is just starting out, he or she can wear socks, dance sneakers, or jazz or ballet slippers.


Does my child have to compete?


The choice to compete is entirely up to the parents and their dancer(s) We support all students equally whether they compete or not. 



When will classes begin in Middle Village? How can I stay updated on the new location (schedule, registration info, etc.)?


We anticipate to begin classes in our new, Middle Village location by October, 2014. To find out more please contact us so we can add you to our email list. We will also release information on our facebook page and website.


Where can I purchase the Fitzpatrick Academy apparel and Irish dance shoes?

F.A.I.D. places an apparel order twice a year. Irish dance shoes can purchased through the following link:






What else does my child need for dance class?


A bottle of water, a notebook, and something to write with.


Can parents watch?


Fitzpatrick Academy classes are generally closed to parents for viewing. This is to maintain the least amount of disruptions in the classroom. There will be, on occasions, scheduled parent viewings where all parents can observe a class to see their child's progress.



How often does my child have to practice? 

In order to retain what has been taught in the class, beginner students are asked to practice 2-3 days a week for a bout 10-15 minutes each time.